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Match your lifestyle

This is our motto and what we consider to be the most important factor when choosing a dog. If you get a dog that doesnít react well to your kids, what then? If a dog whines and barks from lack of space, whose fault is that? Whether itís books, online or your local pet shop, research before you get a dog.

Donít get star struck

Just because you loved the movie Beethoven doesnít mean youíll love a St. Bernard dog! Please donít let your kids talk you into getting a certain breed because of a movie. Do research and make sure that certain dog breeds fit well with you and your family.

Online breed matching

Take advantage of online breed matching systems and tests to get a better idea of what kind of breeds match you and your familyís lifestyle. They are usually a quick and easy method to better understanding what you should be looking for. We suggest you use ours!

Look past the looks

Itís easy to select a dog based on appearance and cuteness, but dog breeds differ greatly on personality and needs. You should really make sure a breed is compatible on all levels before you commit.

Consider a mixed breed dog

Mixed breeds typically cost less than purebreds and can have fewer genetic problems.

Do you have the experience?

When choosing dog breeds, take into consideration your own level of experience and the commitment youíre prepared to make. Some breeds are difficult to train, care for and handle because of numerous reasons.